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Amazing Portraits!


Georgina Leigh is a wonderfully talented artist. She painted my four favourite Lusitano's three of which are no longer with me and she successfully captured each of their unique characters perfectly, it is hugely appreciated.

Lady Sylvia Loch


Would definitely commission again!

Beautiful drawing came through the post for a birthday present of a horse that had been pts, brought tears to the eyes!
Very detailed and options to choose from colour wise! Hoping to get a drawing of mine done soon! Thankyou!!

L. Edwards



So much better than a photograph!

Georgina has done two portraits for me, both oil, and they are simply amazing! My deceased boy was my absolute heart horse and she managed to capture the expression and look and spirit of him in a way a photograph or a "true life" fine art painting never can, the depth in the oils is just amazing.

R. Alyward



Perfectly captures the beauty and soul!

Georgina is a PHENOMENALLY talented artist!!!!
She captures her subjects perfectly, from the physical details to the essence and even their characters and personality, even when she has never met them or they have sadly passed on. Whatever type of portrait you are after, pencil, watercolour or oils etc, she will not disappoint!!!

L. Taylor



Appearance AND personality captured!

Amazing portraits! The way in which you capture characteristics is unbelievable. Not only the appearance but personality too. Your attention to detail is jaw dropping - your work is simply stunning.

For those who are considering or are “on the fence” - do it. You’ll be amazed

L. Robinson


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